Wednesday, February 11, 2009


a tax return means a new computer which means an opportunity for regular postings on here.
i went to maui and got back last week. here are some highlights.
western sunrise
seven sacred pools

swimming at black rock

sunrise at haleakala
hiking at haleakala
bamboo forest
old oceanside graveyards

western maui sunset

iao valley

and camping for a week with this lady.

i still have art up at nationale in portland. check out may's lovely store. luckily i dodged the upcoming layoffs at the company where i work. i saw many good bands this weekend: dragging an ox through water, valet, castanets, eternal tapestry, date palms, some weird sin, tara jane o'neil. what a goldmine of shows with all but date palms being local bands. portland is a magic place.


k said...

hey seƱor, greetings from this side.
long time since i´ve heard your news--maui looks awesome!

love, kelly

NILES said...

thanks for checking in on me!

Brett said...

ahhh the wonder that is Hawaii, hopefully you and clea climbed to the highest mountain and raised a hearty shaka to the setting ocean sun.....