Wednesday, March 25, 2009


just got back from a late birthday celebration for clea in olympia. had some good mellow times with her parents and bro. spent time with olympia friends, ate out a lot and walked around downtown. went to this place, SIZIZIS, for the first time. (i stole this picture)

it is a new 24 hour coffee/tea shop. i must say i was floored by the set up. amazing, simple and gothic in the way i like things to be. i wouldn't really come here on a sunny day, but at night, it is the best. i read they will be carrying my employers coffee (stumptown) in the near future and will be the first in olympia. it was reported the night we arrived that they were hosting an acoustic death metal show.

in his truck, on our way to olympia, "patient" patrick allowed us to stop at a yard sale right by clea's house and we picked up an old metal table will will use for the dining room and a giant old dark wood abacus will will use to divide bills and keep score during intense games of pictionary. no we will just look at it... pictures of the place to come. tomorrow is the big official moving day. moving the big stuff. then the fun of setting it up.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous; the lighting in that scene is incredible. Mahogany billiards table to the right, I'm asusming.

I'm really excited to see pictures of the new place, I'll be able to use them for inspiration. Hoping to move into Brooklyn abode # 5 this summer!