Friday, June 12, 2009


yesterday proved to be rather perfect. i did get a cavity filled which was no fun, but it happened quickly and i appreciated that. enjoyed some hang out time in north portland with friends and eventually made it over to my friends' house to skate their halfpipe. super fun session and i emerged with a few new pains in my body that were well worth it. then on to a burrito and some coffee and the drawing party at the same friends' gallery, together.
here is a drawing i did thinking of the film i saw the previous night, sin nombre. yet the guy here loves jordan. didn't we all? the other drawing is a bizarro dave wein that i drew looking across the room without dave noticing. looks like a cross between him and an ol' chap named baney.

and here is mark. drawn without his knowledge at the time. i was drawing everyone.
... and just in case you're looking for the perfect summer record, look no further. it is here.

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andrewhager said...

There's an old trick, usually used for adults before they play a game of pickup basketball, but could work for skating too - to make sure you don't feel too sore, take 1 asprin (or advil or pamprin or whatever) for every decade you've been alive, then add one. Take them on your way to skate so it'll kick in while you're skating. You might still feel sore the next day, but for the session, and the rest of the day you'll be fine. I know it sounds like a lot of pills, but its okay.