Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i doubt i will be able to ever say this again. today i made coffee for lee ranaldo and poured some ice tea for kim gordan. this is a moment that if you told 12 year old niles was in his future he would have died.


Anonymous said...

major celebri-sighting. My friends saw Kim Gordon in Rome at a hotel and said hi.

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andrewhager said...

Thats awesome, my high school friend Melissa went to college in Western Mass and was Thurston and Kim's go-to baby/dog sitter for a solid two years. I always wanted to go over there and party. Or just sit in their living room and soak it up.
I sold some shit to the guy from My Chemical Romance on time...so take that.
My word verification is COMFUSIN, so you have your "word verification chooser" set to silly today?

NILES said...

ha! i had no idea what you meant by word verification at first. now i do. and yes, it is set to silliest.